Strategic Advisory for Enhanced Organizational Effectiveness

Legacy KT & Company L.L.C. provides expert advisory and implementation services to senior management, empowering organizations to enhance business strategy, elevate organizational performance, and optimize operational processes utilizing AI-driven marketing.

“Building Legacies One Step At A Time”. – Legacy KT & Company L.L.C.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to revolutionize the marketing industry by utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to create personalized and effective marketing strategies for our clients. We are committed to delivering exceptional results by leveraging data-driven insights and innovative techniques to drive customer engagement, increase brand awareness, and ultimately, grow our clients’ businesses. Our goal is to empower businesses of all sizes to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape through the power of AI-driven marketing.

Enhancing Business Strategy for Organizational Success

It is important to work with experienced AI consultants to ensure that AI is implemented effectively and ethically.

Our strategy consulting service provides expert advice and guidance to help businesses develop and implement effective strategies for growth and success by providing businesses with valuable insights and efficiencies that can enhance their performance and competitiveness.

Six Step Strategic Business Performance Enhancement Service

1. Customer Service Chatbots:


2. Predictive Analytics: Utilizing AI algorithms to analyze customer data.


3. Marketing Automation: AI-powered marketing automation tools for marketing campaigns, and optimize marketing strategies that can improve conversion rates.


4. Sales Forecasting: AI can be used to analyze historical sales data, identify trends, and forecast future sales trends to improve sales strategies.


5. Fraud Detection: AI algorithms can help businesses detect fraudulent activities and prevent financial losses.


6. Inventory Management: Utilizing AI can help in optimizing inventory levels.

Strategic IT Consulting for Enhanced Performance

Our information technology consulting service offers expert advice and solutions to businesses looking to optimize their AI infrastructure.


1. Data analysis:


2. Process automation: 


3. Customer engagement:


4. Predictive analytics: 

Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness Through Advisory

Client: SBSK Productions Inc.
Challenge: SBSK Productions Inc. sought to improve their business strategy and operational processes to enhance their overall performance.
Solution: Our consulting agency provided advisory services to SBSK Productions Inc. senior management, resulting in a more effective business strategy and optimized operational processes.
Outcome: With our assistance, SBSK Productions Inc. experienced significant improvements in their overall performance and achieved their desired business goals.

Transforming Organizational Success: A Case Study

Client: Sirprime Marketing And Managing LLC
Challenge: Sirprime Marketing And Managing LLC was experiencing declining profits and low marketing morale.
Solution: Our consulting agency provided strategic guidance and implemented performance improvement initiatives.
Outcome: Sirprime Marketing And Managing LLC profits increased by 20% and marketing engagement improved significantly.

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